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Stock Market Websites for real time Day Trading of Stocks, ETFs and for stock Option trading

from Bruce Lynch, Boston area Technology Entrepreneur, at Exxel International.

Each day, what web sites and particular pages do I use for day trading and for real time quotes and charts?


Web Sites for Day Trading, for Quotes, Charts and to quickly screen for stocks.

My trading is with no money, a free fantasy stock trading account with several separate portfolios. One account is for day trading of stocks and ETFs. Another account trades Call and Put Options. A 3rd portfolio is for position trades, longer term investing.

The virtual stock market web site that I use is The supporting web sites that are open and used each day include Google Finance, MSN Money, Occasionally I use for their 52 week highs and lows and for Option Quotes.

Use for paper trading. There, for Free, you can Trade Stocks and ETFs, even Put and Call Options. You start with a theoretical $100,000 in cash.

See the brucelynch profile at

Wall Street Survivor Wall Street Survivor, WSS, is the best online Free Fantasy Stock Trading (called a game) and investment contest portal. There players can manage their own fantasy stock portfolios.

Each player starts off with $100,000 in virtual cash, to build and manage a stock portfolio through simulated trades that are executed on a real-time stock trading platform. Compete risk-free against friends, peers, colleagues or other players for the most lucrative cash prizes on the web.

It also provides portfolio updates and tracks ongoing individual progress on a full-motion leader board.

Learn how to trade stocks at Wall Street Survivor's free Learning section. Top Business schools use WSS including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, University of Chicago and Howard. Consider their Stock Market Investing 101 E-Course. Investing 101 includes:

·                  10 information packed chapters

·                  Exercises and quizzes

·                  Access to our Stock Market practice simulator

·                  A PDF e-Book to download for future reference

·                  Email support

·                  FREE Stock Investing Tips e-Book

·                  7-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Stock Market INVESTING 101 is the most comprehensive online stock market investing and trading course for beginners. This online course:

·                  covers the same content found in most leading college investing classes - at a fraction of the cost

·                  is presented in 10 easy-to-read chapters with charts, graphs and examples that make learning how to trade easy and fun

·                  includes full access to the most realistic real-time stock market simulation so you can practice trading while you learn

Free Real-Time Stock Quotes

For free real-time stock quotes, I use all the time two out of the three above sites: Google Finance and MSN Money.

MSN Money seems to have more accurate, recent real-time quotes. Google Finance has a better interface for charting and comparisons to other stocks.

Use Google Finance for real-time Quotes and Charts. I use Google Finance as Primary and MSN Money as Second choice.

The above chart shows the ETF that implements the Dow Jones Industrial Average on 13 December 2010.

Google Finance My Google Chrome browser window has a separate browser tab for each of my Indicators and for the Stocks or Options I am trading. I don't watch option prices. Instead I watch the stock symbol under-lying the equity or ETF option.

As indicators, to see if stock price direction is changing, I include DIA, GS and FAS and sometimes QID. Today the stock symbols that I traded included GS, BIDU and ERX.

Microsoft MS Money Central, for more timely real time quotes

Money  Some times a few seconds is critical. What is the real-time price right now? Look at any high price, high volume stock including Goldman Sachs, Apple, Baidu and DIA. You will find Different real-time prices on each web site, in my case including Usually such differences are not so important.

Exact price can become very important. When the Market moves fast, is the Move over yet? When a stop is about to be hit to cause the closing of a position or to trigger a new position, should you move the stop? My comparisons are not scientific. I repeatedly used each of the sites. MSN seemed to always be ahead, closer to real-time. Google Finance is often off by 2 or 3 seconds and off by more than Google. To start getting free real time quotes from MSN use this link to the DIA Dow Jones 30 index., for real time Lists

FreeRealTime.comDo you want the real time prices for Boeing, McDonald's and each of the Dow Jones 30 average? See which are doing well and poorly.

Gainers and Losers: See the top stock price gainers and losers by percent and by dollars per share. Momentum traders look for stocks on the move. Such volatile stocks are possible stock picks that day. has a list of ETFs and Prices, Exchange Traded Funds, with real time stock price quotes is a convenient reference. An extract from Free Real Time follows. Those in large type, I trade often: XKE, XLF and XLK. I trade FAS and FAZ often.

Exchange-Traded Funds

DIA SPDR DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL111.31 0.45 (0.40)7,601,674 QuoteT&SOptions

QQQQ POWERSHARES QQQ TRUST, SER52.19 0.16 (0.31)56,660,533QuoteT&SOptions

SPY STANDARD & POOR'S DEPOSITA118.38 0.34 (0.29) 189,422,901

MDY STANDARD & POOR'S MIDCAP 4150.38 0.07 (0.05) 4,085,407

XLY SPDR CNSMR DISCR SEC ETF35.11 0.22 (0.62) 6,431,305

XLP CONSUMER STAPLES SELECT SE28.57 0.15 (0.52) 8,714,203

XLE ENERGY SELECT SECTOR SPDR59.33 0.25 (0.42) 12,897,648

XLF FINANCIAL SELECT SECTOR SP14.58 0.01 (0.07)62,626,349

XLV HEALTH CARE SELECT SECTOR31.12 0.19 (0.61)5,489,748

XLI INDUSTRIAL SELECT SECTOR S32.20 0.24 (0.74)15,773,907

XLB MATERIALS SELECT SECTOR SP34.50 0.32 (0.92)12,297,879

XLK TECHNOLOGY SELECT SECTOR S24.31 0.07 (0.29) 11,831,311

<Snip> BHH B2B INTERNET HOLDRS TR0.7736 0.0008 (0.10) 176,200

BBH BIOTECH HOLDERS TRUST101.41 0.645 (0.64) 27,900


Exchange market data provided by DTN Market Access. Data and information is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended for trading purposes. Neither nor any of its data or content providers shall be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. By accessing the site, a member has agreed to the Member Agreement.

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When I have time before the market open, I use the NASDAQ Pre-Market for quotes. Nasdaq's Pre-Market Heat Map is great. It shows the top stock market Gainers and Losers in rank order before the stock market opens at 9:30. An example follows with BRCM, Broadcom, gaining after a huge gain during the trading day.

Nasdaq Pre-Marlet Heat Map

Stocks, Indexes and ETFs that I watch to know or guess the likely very near term Market Direction, as Indicators.

DIA, an ETF mutual fund of the 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial average is what I have available all of the time.

The DIA is what I use as if it is the Market. I also buy and sell DIA and calls and put options on the DIA. The Google Finance page always shows real time quote for indexes. DIA and the actual Dow 30 Average trade with DIA above or below the real average by about 15 and as many as 40 points.

GS, Goldman Sachs trades at a high price, showing Minute Movements.

Why track the real-time price of Goldman Sachs stock?

1. to see very small stock price changes.

2. GS might move before the Market Indexes change.

A symbol like FAS can stay stuck at exactly the same price. The DIA does also. Goldman Sachs, GS, stock almost always changes. On most days its movement is correlated with the market.

At about $160.00 now, that high price lets us see the tiny real time stock price changes as the market moves around.

GS Quotes: $167.87 167.92 167.96 167.93 The traders in GS are smart. They try to anticipate any change of direction or an upcoming move in the market. The DIA can seem stuck in a small range.

When GS or FAS move out of their narrow trading range before DIA, the DIA is likely to soon follow. Such a break above or below the current range is often a correct signal that the market is getting ready to move soon. The near term trading ranges are pretty small. For FAS it is only 0.06 to 0.12 per share of this Financial Industry ETF which Direxion multiplies by borrowing.

Near term Stop Orders: For GS stock the current range is often $0.20 to 0.40.  169.65 165.62 165.59 … The near term high was at 167.96. If you are Long, then your Stop likely should be at 167.56. In this example use 167.43, because it is enough below the Round Number 167.50. Use 167.43 or 166.87 if you want to improve probabilities that the price will not be reached with GS soon after going right back up.

High Price, High Volume stocks

Very high daily volume stocks you may want to watch include Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, Baidu, First Solar, the GLD gold index, Google, Freeport McMoran, Master Card, Monsanto, Netflix, Salesforce CRM, the TLT 30 Year Treasury ETF. At Google Finance I created several different portfolios. One Portfolio is what I have traded in recent days. Another portfolio is a large Watch List, every stock symbol I may trade plus many as indicators like one for Copper an index of the Chinese stock market, India and Brazil.

Have you tried Talking to your computer? You can with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Your voice can dictate into email, a web page, a Microsoft Word or Outlook file, into chat or where ever. Like I do, you can use Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Consider Dragon Naturally Speaking for dictation and voice recognition and for text to speech. Put anything into the clipboard and have her Read to You. Even the intonation is decent.

How do you talk to make Accuracy High?  Well, you should NOT talk normally. Why? Because the Voice Recognition works best when presented with 3 to 6 words.

For me when using the speech recognition to talk to my computer, there are two options.

1. Almost 100% voice recognition accuracy is possible with pauses every several words.

Consider the following example of where to insert pauses to improve the accuracy of Dragon Naturally Speaking. See that where I Pause has extras, beyond what is normal.

I can speak <pause> at an almost normal rate  <pause> with almost  <pause> 100% accuracy. To do so  <pause> requires  <pause> a particular way  <pause> to talk <pause>, leaving a pause  <pause> every 3 or 4 words. Sometimes  <pause> a phrase  <pause> in real life  <pause> is long. Leave a pause  <pause> every few words  <pause> when a phrase is long. Recognition accuracy  <pause> is almost 100%  <pause>  with more than  <pause> one word <pause>  and less than 5 words.

2. Free form talking. Then correct later.

If I keep talking at my normal rate, Dragon gets behind. I do not see the words now said for many seconds. When I talk without looking at the screen, the words appearing might by 2 to 30 seconds behind, or even more.

What follows is content I dictated with no looking at the screen and with no thinking about Dragon to leave those pauses. The errors are few. The red shows mistakes, and the light blue explains.

Now thunderbolt, age 68, tells me about many experiences with her should have been: my father and mother.

Thunderbolt is my sister Jackie's common law, Indian, husband. He likes was missing to impress women.

Lenny in Charlestown is a Ginny liked by the Indians. Bolt likes to impress a woman, including Lenny's wife, missing Debbie. A bee about as large as I have ever seen, flew past us. "Want me to grab it for you?" She said, "no," unlike the day before infront blank missing of So So,. Hhe grabbed a hornet; missing threw it to the ground,missing and stepped on it. To be so fast is an edge when Bolt fights.


See my related Amazon Store for Dictation and Dragon Naturally Speaking products:


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