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Profile: Bruce W. Lynch

Prompt, cost-efficient, profitable results occur when this Senior Software, Internet and High Tech executive takes on an assignment. His direct experience with fast growth, systems, operations and with all aspects of revenue creation can help you work through creating or reshaping a product line or a business.

Launch in and penetrate a conservative industry

Reshape into repeat, clone and Grow Revenue

Prompt direct response success

Quick turnaround, merger, financing

Top market share, distribution

Top market share, software publishing

Successful PC store prototype

Surpass the leader


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Bruce W. Lynch

Launch in and penetrate a conservative industry

Help to transform a software tools company into Internet application and development product sales for the insurance industry. Using no application content sold early reference-able accounts, hired, coached, helped, supplement all missing issues for sales, marketing and business development team. Changes made in first nine months helped increase the private price per share by 300% culminating in an $8 million equity round. Targeted the insurance industry in all segments creating subscription revenue involving multiple participants in the value chain. Helped shape software product content and architecture. Then set up a process and team to deliver to clients with "full project responsibility" providing fixed price and schedule for fixed deliverables, after all gating issues are tied down. From less than $200,000 per year revenue new customers were expected to exceed a $3 million quota while qualified prospects are in line to contribute that same amount again.

Reshape into repeat, clone and grow revenue

Lead the effort to turn a poor computer store location into a networking services outsource and staffing company. Developed niche selling strategic, tactics and early strategic brokerage and wholesale customers in the New York metro area.

Prompt direct response success

Within 3 months as a consultant Bruce helped start and make profitable a direct consumer marketing system. An herbal product sold through print ads generates over 15% pre-tax on revenue and over 70% compounded per year cash-on-cash return to investors. Bruce defined the strategy, created the ads, the telephone scripts and the fulfillment materials.

Quick Turnaround, Merger, Financing

In a total of 6 months Bruce lead take over of two medical instrument companies. As CEO on assignment from an investment group he helped close a $2.7 million financing with accredited investors, merged the two companies, cut staff from 70 to 42, turned the run rate from ($200,000) in losses to $500,000 in profits. A high caliber Board was recruited and the a new CEO was selected and groomed.

Top Market Share, Distribution

Bruce started and grew the Programmer's Shop from zero to $30 million in revenue. A specialty software mail order company it had twice the market share of the nearest competitor through constant innovation, superior sales and marketing and systems. One major innovation was a 500,000 circulation catalog entirely paid for by over $1 million in ad revenue per issue. Other elements included originating automated fax-back, 8 pages per month of ads resold in trade publications, national account sales, and international distribution.

The company went public on NASDAQ Small Cap and had over 40% market share. Revenue increased for 8 years at no less the 39% with growth over 100% in Bruce's last year. Why? Because all revenue formulas were working.

Top Market Share, Software Publishing

In the course of 7 years Bruce started and grew Solution Systems, a publisher of technical PC software, to $6 million revenue, 18% pre-tax with 45% market share. With three times the share of the next competitor among over thirty, the products were later sold to Borland.

Successful PC Store Prototype

In 14 months starting in 1981 Bruce founded and grew a PC Retail Store with telephone and outside sales to $3 million revenue and 5% pre-tax profit. As a potential prototype of a chain of stores it surpassed the local headquarters of Entre and the major Computerland stores.

Surpass the Leader

Within 10 months as a consultant Bruce restructured marketing and pricing of a technical PC software publisher. Revenue climbed from $350,000 per year and break-even to $2 million per year, 30% pre-tax. Market share went from about 10% to over 40% while the previous market leader fell behind. Over the following two years Bruce grew revenue, closed a significant OEM customer, and then guided the company to get out of the way profitably while Microsoft entered the market.


Bruce has direct and successful experience with just about every way that revenue is generated. Experience includes direct response and image advertising, direct mail, catalogs, inbound sales, outbound phone sales, OEM sales, national account face-to-face, team selling, setting up resellers, and international distribution.

He started his career with IBM, Computer Sciences and Boeing in consistently successful sales, sales management and product planning. He learned patterns of business success during visits with over 200 companies at executive levels and at implementation levels. Applications helped companies to be better run in over 20 different industries including software, PCs, mainframes, insurance, leasing, chemicals, instruments, auto, food processing, retailing, consulting, accounting, law, banking, brokerage, publishing, transportation, and real estate.
Bruce has a BA from Bowdoin College in 1973 and did graduate work at University of Chicago MBA School. He has had management, leadership and sales training at IBM, Computer Sciences, Boeing and elsewhere.

Generating growth with existing cash flow, tight management, seeing patterns and creating vision are Bruce's strengths.

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