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10 Keys to a Business Plan that Gets Funded

The Revenue Formula
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2 Keys for 50%+ growth in Major Account Revenue without increasing budgets

How can you test your Revenue Formula for less than $500?

Exxel is a specialized company that identifies, implements, measures and improves revenue generation.


About Exxel International

Capabilities and depth are provided efficiently by involving the right person for each portion of the work. Typically using a price fixed in advance of work, Exxel compensation often a portion and contingent on the added revenue. Close associations with small consulting firms and with free lance experts makes it pragmatical for Exxel to:

  • reduce the scope of work required and related costs, to find the Efficient Project Plan
  • show tangible measured results early and often
  • have Exxel share the risk that success revenue and margin goal will be met
  • succeed when others do not

Why Not? Why might others fail? In a product or company launch the key is to efficiently get new customers. If your cold call script gets 1 out of 10 to talk and ours gets 1 out of 3 you can see the potential impact. Also in advertising 2 to 5 times as many initial contacts may be practical.

The president of Exxel and lead implementer is Bruce Lynch. Bruce's direct experience with fast growth, systems, operations and with all aspects of revenue creation can help you work through creating or reshaping a product line or a business.

Bruce started his career with IBM, Computer Sciences and Boeing in consistently successful sales, sales management and product planning. While working for those companies new product planning and how products and services enter a market was examined at over 200 of the Fortune 1000.

From the design of complex commercial systems and embedded software to the sale of used cars, Bruce has had an active role in launching of many companies and products.

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Writing, Business Plans, Market Analysis, Web site creation, Reporting systems, Selling, Telemarketing, Presenting, Tech Consulting, Recruiting, Business Development and other skills are each involved in most of Exxel's assignments. Whether it is a need for a scripted Call Center, for shipping of samples, or to ramp up the number of sales work hours, efficient low cost sub-contractors are available with Exxel.

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